About Chairman

Chairman is about my relationship with art.  Today I start posting about my experience and thoughts as an artist.

The title of my blog brings together the two elements that make me an artist.  Art and myself.  The chair is my art and the man is me.  On some level it implies authority as well.

You see the first thing I made at the Slade School of Art was a chair.  We were asked to practice with tools like drills, hammers and saws at a build and fix workshop at the very beginning of our first year in art school and I decided to build a chair that I could actually sit on.  It was quite a laugh and it didn’t take long before fellow students and tutors identified me with the chair.  I am still not quite sure why I chose to build something as utilitarian as a chair.  For one the chair might have been the realization of my perception of art at the start of my transition from being a lawyer to becoming an artist.  For now I will leave this discussion for later.

Throughout my education at the Slade the chair has gone through many transformations.  I think at one point people even got bored of it.  I didn’t.  I forced the chair to change even further.  Along the way a red figure immerged.  You may look under ‘Chair’ in my website to have a better view of this becoming.  This red man became my logo.  Since then I have been using this figure on my business cards, postcards, website, etc. It has been making its mark ever since.  In fact, the image that you see on the header of this blog is a cut out of my logo that has been remounted after being twisted.  Identity with a twist if you will.

‘Chairman’ as a word is an extension of this process.  The logo finally gives birth to a brand.  The chair and its offspring, in other words, the logo that points to my identity, now intersect.  So I think, what better term than ‘Chairman’ is there to signify my words as an artist.

As the humble authority on my own affairs and a chairman of sorts in charge of my life as an artist, I truly hope that this blog will help me share my life and thoughts with my friends out there and keep them informed of how I continue to grow as an artist.

In short, I am very excited to launch this blog which will be updated at least once a week.  I am currently thinking of writing in my blog every Monday and in English so that my friends who are not Turkish are able to follow it as well.  I intend for the content to be lighthearted, honest, serious and fun.

So, fellow artists and dear friends, please keep me company while I embark on this journey into a world of art.

Here we go…


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