August 15, 2012, 6:34 pm
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15/08 – 23/08


August 13, 2012, 4:59 pm
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Reliefs are coming along nicely. Some of them look a lot like masks and that should be ok. Simply they are objects I like to make. I like them because they bring together, in my opinion, unlikely elements, both material and as form. In these objects I am able, or rather free to bring together my childlike passion for the otherworldly and  my ever-so-serious quest as an artist for all kinds of ‘artistic’ solutions. I try to reconcile my childish desires with my adult concerns and finally when my work happens I hope that it is more than just the sum of such desires and concerns. I hope that my work takes on a life of its own and goes places I hadn’t imagined before.

I also swam 1500m today, like the good old time. So that’s what the title is about.



August 10, 2012, 5:14 pm
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Out of silliness and a bit of nonsense I have discovered a new format it seems. Reliefs are making a comeback onto the canvas no less. I have already started recycling old paintings on oval canvases, i.e., violently paint over them, to get them ready for more reliefs. Am I high on spray paint, glue, wax, and alike, again! or is this really something I can be happy with? I am optimistic.

I spent most of today putting things on others, temporarily that is. I am enjoying a new found simplicity in my work and I suppose I am careful not to overcrowd work that already, well, seem to work. I am just saying ‘less’, period. No ‘more’…

A spoon piece too might be on its way to becoming. I shall call it “de Spooning”!?

What now? I am thinking weekend begins now…



August 9, 2012, 10:36 pm
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I bought the sourest green apples today. I even considered salting them before eating.

Anyway, at the studio, first thing I did was to strip the layer of foam fill I had on an oval canvas. Then I mixed pink household paint with floor wax and used the mix to cover the canvas. I used the leftover paint on other surfaces too. Make no mistake, it was a failed experiment that led to these pieces. Is failure called chance when it leads to something desirable. Mind you I did consider making art that fails intentionally, and beautifully. I suppose I still do, consider I mean. By the way, is there such a thing as success driven art? Is all art driven by success? Does this ever get boring? Can failure offer relief?

In the afternoon, over cold yogurt soup, with chickpeas, me and my cousin, we talked about art and, in it, dead animals.

Later, in fact right before I took off I eyeballed a bottle full of old batteries and took them to my desk where I can see them first thing tomorrow morning.

I suppose this about sums it up for today. Oh, and Nir, I finally found the stickers! Me happy!





August 8, 2012, 4:25 pm
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Weight is important. I have these iron frames, for example, which I got made for my canvas boards. They are quite heavy. Today I placed tiles in one of them instead. It worked better. It somehow made more sense to use these frames with heavier art. Why? Were these frames too present on their own and demanded work that complimented them, as opposed to them complimenting the art?  To what extent then do frames become part of the art? I also wonder if it makes more sense to use wooden frames for work on paper. After all they are both made from trees. Go figure.

I saw a broom with a red brush on my way home last night. I am afraid though the broom idea might have already expired. Why do some ideas have freakishly short life spans anyway? I might buy the broom regardless; just because I wrote about it. How does writing affect art making and vice versa? I need an appointment with Pamuk.

I used filling foam today. I am not convinced it will become part of my material repertoire though. It just looks too familiar and it is also hard to give it form. It is messy!

Finally, I checked out random sites on the internet. Elle Perez had a particularly interesting ‘sketchbook’ which lead me to other interesting artists like Alec Soth and Daniel Shea.

I am off! I can’t wait to go back to my cool apartment and, well, eat some nuts because today is the second day of my pseudo diet and weight IS important.


August 7, 2012, 4:47 pm
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‘The box’ took an unexpected turn when I started stacking old work on, and around it. I thought I could work with my dislike for it and literally dump on it other pieces I had no intention of showing. I built on the piece like I was building a collage. I consistently ‘why-not’ed to build the thing and will continue as such until I am happy with the piece.

I played with plastic cutlery for a while and looked for ways to combine them. Some of the combos made more sense it seemed. A stick made of knives could rest on a wall and feel good about itself. I must not forget to try.

I finished a piece I had started working on and I like it. Should I frame it? I could contrast the cheap contents of the piece with a slick brass frame. I just love boxes, frames and vitrines. I suppose they preserve the worlds I create and separate them from our environment. I also hate dust. I really hate it!

This brings us to 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

A shopping list then: canvases, floor wax, glue, frames, wood panels, [broom with a red brush], red wigs and matchboxes. Why not?




August 6, 2012, 9:09 pm
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I wanted to ‘recycle’ a red neon circle I got made for another art project, refraction, but it wasn’t working. So first thing today I had to take care of some neon business. I ended up paying a whopping 75TL for a little black box suitably called a TRANSFORMER! Anyway, I like using bits and pieces I already used before. Then the work is already meaningful to me right from the beginning: I am recycling!

It was very hot today at the studio. This should have stopped me from using floor wax and spray paint but it didn’t. I decided to go easy on the fumes next time and make paper based work, say, collages instead. Safety of the materials I use is becoming an issue; duly noted.

I toyed around with a few tired ideas, painted and un-painted a few things and paused. Objects had found their way into my work. It was my idea. My fetish for materials had naturally led me here to a wonderful inventory of found objects. And there were a lot of objects to be found in my studio. I am definitely a hoarder.

Then came a more interesting question. How would these objects inform a piece? How was I to read these objects if I were to come up with an image that I invented? How could I make an object become another? And why would that be awesome?

I looked back at a box I got made by a blacksmith and thought ‘nonsense’.  It was all very non-sense since the design of the cuts on its surface, the box itself, and the neon it intended to hold didn’t have much to say to one another. They were all pushed together as a piece, into a dead end. Then I thought, could nonsense be something?

On a different note that is perhaps a little on the wild side, are paintings self-fulfilling prophecies?

To be explored…