Highlight Schmighlight (‘Lon-done’ Part II)
November 6, 2008, 8:39 pm
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Guierrmo Kuitca exhibition at Hauser & Wirth was one of my favorites while in London.  For some reason (hang over?!) I wasn’t able to see his work a couple years ago and had to make do with an article in Time Out about his work.  I was curious about his work for good reason it seems as I loved his new show at Hauser & Wirth.  I was especially into his smaller, shall we say, drawings on the upper floor.  I haven’t done my homework and I do not yet know how he made them.  These layered, intimate drawings of maps, theater seating plans and plans of who knows what, which seem to have deliberately disintegrated or decayed for some chemical reason, were beautiful.  The bigger work downstairs perhaps were bolder as they were, well, much bigger.  There was something about the way they were displayed as well.  They were not only hung but propped up back to back in the middle of the spacious main hall of the gallery perhaps suggesting a certain ‘plan’ which became all the more obvious from the mezzanine.  A clever reference to his upstairs drawings I think…  To me it seemed as if Kuitca in these bigger oil paintings attempted to break down or, for lack of a better word, interrupt works of cubist masters like Braque with his very own cubism.  Although I totally enjoyed Kuitca’s show at Hauser & Wirth this still was not the highlight of my visit to London.

I also had a chance to see the Mark Rothko retrospective at Tate Modern.  I will not say much about the exhibition as I am sure you all know about Rothko way too much although I will take this opportunity to complain about the lighting especially in the main room.  At this day and age how come we still have not perfected the science of lighting paintings?  The deliberate dim lighting in the room still did not work as only the top halves of Rothko’s paintings were lit and the very little that was lit had this annoying glow because of direct lighting.  I just couldn’t have a good look at the paintings whichever way I maneuvered.  I also didn’t enjoy the Museum of Natural History type displays on how he painted layer over layer and that if only we could see the paintings how amazing his choice of colour and layering was.  I think most viewers at the exhibition were lost and it felt as if they were there just to put a check on their to do lists for the weekend.  Ok, enough bitching already.  Clearly this too wasn’t a highlight.

Having made such a big deal of my London highlight, I should tell you that I had the best time at Nir’s farewell party.  However much I would like to say that the reason why I was in London was because I wanted to see Nir off to Brazil it was just a coincidence that I was there.  What made this a highlight for me was saying goodbye to my dear dear friend, catching with old buddies and getting chummy with Andrew and Paul over very black vodka shots!  It was a true London moment for me perhaps because it was the only time I felt like I belonged in London and didn’t have to be the tourist.

So highlight, schmighlight… Let’s now return home and focus back on Istanbul coz… Lon-DONE people!